About Us

The future in online radio​

 The founder, owner, and President of B2InternetRadio is Shane Smith.

Shane is no stranger to radio announcer broadcasting or to the town of Beebe, Arkansas.

He is a lifelong resident, graduating from Beebe High School in 1990.

In 1999, the radio station that hosted Friday Night Football had a position open for play-by-play announcer.

Shane applied and was accepted for the position, becoming the voice of the Beebe High School Badgers.

Since 1999 to present Shane has broadcast over 350 High School football games.

Shane  and his wife Amanda Barton-Smith both agree on the importance of  education and a close community for themselves as well as their two  teenagers.

In May of 2014, Amanda earned a bachelor’s degree in  science. Shane followed in June of 2015, earning a bachelor’s degree in  political science.

Shane's sense of community has led him to  serve on several education committees; he was also a candidate for the  City Council of Beebe.

Realizing the need for a local radio  station, and a place to listen to music online ,B2InternetRadio was  conceptualized and founded in June of 2015